(250) Mylar Bags 20″x30″ 5 Gallon Size 4mil *Wholesale Case Pricing*

Mylar Bags

Mylar bags (foil pouches) will insure your food will be available when you need to have it. Created of a multi layer poly and aluminum foil laminated with each other. Mylar bags (foil pouches) are utilised for long term food storage since the metal barrier protects food from moisture, light and oxygen. Air can not get in or out of a appropriately sealed mylar bag (foil pouch).

Bag Physical Properties:

· Caliper mils 4.

· Yield sq.In/Lb 6371

· MVTR Mocon gms/100 sq. in./24 hrs .0006

· OTR Mocon cc/100 sq. in./24 hrs .0006

· Burst Mullen psi 58

· Tensile MD ASTM D-882 lbs. at break 21

Paper carrier bag


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