Hanging Necklace Storage Rack

Angelynns Vintage Styled

  • Angelynn’s Vintage Styled Accessory Angels are a answer to the widespread difficulty of tangled, damaged and missing pierced earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry. It is the capacity, quality and difficulty-free of charge design and style that sets this fabulous multi-objective earring holder and jewelry organizer apart from the rest.
  • We also have other fabulous jewelry organizers just search “Angelynn’s Jewelry Organizers” to see our complete collection.
  • To use: Attach the post back (if there is one), leaving a small area on the post. Spot the back by means of the keyhole and slide down into the slot. It’s that easy! If there is no post back, just hang them. Basically, it is best to place your longest earrings on the bottom and the smallest ones to fill in. Extended dangles, chandelier & hoop earrings go on the bottom row of round holes or the bottom row of keyholes. Capacity: Beautifully displays 48 pairs of pierced earrings (if all of your earrings measure **2″ prolonged x 1″ broad) at least 48 pair will simply match maintaining them all up & out of harm’s way, beautifully displayed, observed at a glance & tangle free of charge. This organizer also holds 25 to 50+ necklaces (1 to two necklaces per hook, depending upon your own jewelry collection style and size). The necklace hooks are heavy duty and effectively created. They are flat-necklace-hooks that are really properly spaced and staggered up-and-down, in-and-out which makes it really straightforward to see and choose what you want to put on and there is no need to have to unlatch your necklaces to take away them, actually difficulty free.
  • Storage: The length of necklaces is not limited given that this item is wall mounted. There is around 1 1/4″ of clearance between every hook so that they do not interfere with 1 yet another leading to a problem rather of a resolution. This can hold **48 pairs of earrings. There is two 1/2″ of clearance amongst the wall and the front of the organizer so the bottom row of round holes has the area to accommodate additional big 4″ diameter hoops. There is also four 1/two” of clearance among the accessory tray and the bottom row of round holes, which also means they function great for dangle earrings up to four 1/2″ extended.
  • It measures approximately 16″ tall x 14 three/4″ wide x 2 1/two” (offset from the wall). There are a complete of 25 heavy duty necklace hooks and an accessory tray that measures 14 three/4″ x two 1/2″. Incorporated are four heavy duty Wall Canine Straightforward Anchor Screws. Installation: Be sure that the necklace hooks are on the bottom. Just drive the 1 1/4 inch multi-purpose anchor screws (WALL Canine Screw & Anchor in A single) immediately by means of the 4 keyhole/screw holes. They are positioned on the top far right and left keyholes and the bottom far correct and left keyholes (AS PHOTOGRAPHED). The screw holes are effortlessly observed and accessible via the front keyholes to make installation a breeze. The screw/anchors I give can be employed on plywood, wallboard, concrete, block, brick or plaster according to the manufacturer. 100% USA Recycled Carbon Steel with an stylish tough baked on powder-coat finish. It will final a lifetime with proper use.

barbie necklace


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