Remote Engine Start & Proximity Sensor for all bikes universal

Remote Engine Start

  • Advanced 2-Way Motorcycle Alarm System with Remote Start. Includes everything shown below Our kits includes two LCD remote controls and a proximity sensor! Notice other sells may not give you the proximity sensor!
  • This is the highest quality most advanced alarm system on the market! It includes all the bells and whistles alarms 0+ offer. Now buy at our low introductory price! Professional installation recommended.
  • Two way range over 5000 meters – Super long range monitoring Manual and Timer Controlled Remote Engine Starter 2 Way motorcycle alarm with remote engine start! Includes unique proximity sensor not found anywhere else!

? Multi function 2 way alarm w/engine starter kit
? ultra-long FSK communication range
? two way range over 5000m
? remote query functions
? visual, audio and vibration alert remote control
? arm / disarm bike finding
? Frequency : 2.5GHz +/- 1GHz
? Detection Range Sensitivity MAX : Width 2100mm, Length 1200mm
? Built-in 2-way pager

viper car alarm


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