Recycling Bins

Allied Stackable Recycling Bins

This review is from: Allied T6230 3-Piece Stackable Recycling Bins with Lids Set (Kitchen)

After receiving the Allied Recycling Bins I ordered the Suncast Recycling Bins. If having the lid open on the middle & bottom container is important, I recommend the Allied Recycling Bins. The hinge on the Suncast lid is designed to have a lip incorporated into it that holds the lid open. The lip design does not work well at all. The hook incorporated on the Allied Recycling Bins works very well. Having different sized bins is very handy; especially when one rarely has the exact same amount of plastic and glass. The lids on the Suncast Recycling Bins would not stay open; therefore, I returned them and ordered a second set of Allied Recycling Bins. A note to Amazon is that both of the Allied Recycling Bin sets arrived with slight damage, so better packaging would be beneficial. On the first order, the green bin arrived with a partially broken hinge, but it still functions. On the second order, the blue bin arrived with a bent hook for holding the lid, but it still holds just barely. I genuinely hope that this is helpful information for both consumers.

Very pleased so far. I lift one lippie off because I want to give it some time, because this is a product that is handled often; want to see how it stands up to the test of time. They are sturdy and big enough without being overwhelming. I use these for laundry. LOL Space is limited, so I decided to sort laundry vertically rather than horizontally. I just grab a bin and dump its contents in the washing machine.

The quality seems pretty good, and so far I feel like I got what I paid for.

Allied T6230 3-Piece Stackable

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