Electronic Keyless – Satin Nickel

Electronic Keyless Door

This review is from: Electronic Keyless Door Lock Set – Satin Nickel (*For Right Hand Doors Only)

I paid $67. for this lock through Amazon. This is about half of the original cost. It is a very good buy for a keyless lock. I used the lock on an outside door for an outside building with a small overhang over the door. The overhang prevents direct exposure of the lock to ice, snow and rain.

It has been a pleasure to have this lock as my sons would constantly misplace the keys for the old lock. This alone made the lock well worth purchasing. However, make sure that you use very good , name brand, and fresh batteries with this lock. Cheaper batteries will cause the lock to not work very well when it is very cold outside, as it has been in the Northeast this winter. The batteries are relatively easy to change and hopefully will last for, at least, months at a time. Back-up keys are also provided if the batteries fail unexpectedly.

Be aware that this lock does not have a feature of more expensive keyless locks. More expensive locks have a switch so that it will not automatically re-lock itself on the outside once the door is opened. This lock always re-locks itself on the outside. I live with it because of the cheaper cost. Besides, this can be a benefit for people that forget to lock a door.

It has worked well for the last month since I installed very good batteries. As I had mentioned before, it is also operating perfectly under brutal conditions this winter. This lock is a cheaper version of a much more expensive, name brand, keyless lock that I had bought for my house. But for the money, the pleasure of a keyless lock, and the ease of installation, I feel that it is a very good buy from Amazon.


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